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Cornwall Buddhists

thankha of tara

Tara Group

Occasional meetings of Tara practice group at new moon or full moon. The last one was with special dedication to the Japanese affected by the tsunami. Dana was offered to Shelterbox who are already operative in Japan.

At the request of Chan Master Dr. John Crook (Upaseka Yeshe Lobsang) and with the blessing of Ven. Lama Chime Rinpoche, Sophie leads retreats in Cornwall, Wales and elsewhere. A student of Ven. Lama Chime Rinpoche since 1986, she also trained with John since 1993 and offers a direct and simple approach based in ‘Bodhicitta Heart’. ‘One eye Mahamudra, one eye Chan, Bodhicitta heart!’ ( LCR ). An artist and mum with 2 young sons, Sophie works teaching T’ai Chi and Mindfulness for adults and in schools.


At Mawgan village, near Helston, drive past the Post Office/Spar on your left, then the Church on left and follow the road down hill to the Helford River; cross the 1st bridge at the first creek and just before Gear Bridge on the 2nd creek, turn right and take the left hand gate, following the rough track upstream to Gear Mill at the end. Please turn your car on arrival and park to allow others space – Thank–you! There is some parking on the road along the creek with room for one car only just outside the gate.

For further information, please contact Sophie Muir 01326 221651. See also the Gear Mill web site.

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